Frequently Asked Questions


I can’t register

Ensure that all the information you are entering is correct, and the password you enter is at least 5 characters long and is entered correctly in both boxes. Registration can only be completed once, so if you have signed up before you will have to log into that account instead. If you have not had an account before and it still will not let you register, please email us at from the email account you are trying to sign up with.
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I can’t log in

Make sure you are using the username that you chose at registration, not your email address. If you have forgotten this username, please email us at with the email address you signed up with so we can retrieve it for you.

If you have forgotten your password, please use the “Lost your password?” link below the box to reset your password. If this still does not work, please email us with a description of what has happened.
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The programme is not displaying properly

This may be down to the way you are accessing the programme. The Internet Explorer browser in particular may have issues. We advise using Google Chrome on a computer or laptop when possible.
Additionally, while the programme has been tested with devices like mobile phones and tablets, there is always a chance that a particular device may have problems loading all the content.

If you are unable to use the programme due to a display issue, please email with a description of the issue and the details of how you are accessing the site.
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The audio is too quiet/too loud

We have optimised the audio where possible, but it may sound different from device to device. Below are some guides to changing the volume on various devices. We also suggest you use headphones, as they usually improve the sound quality and help to block out other distractions.
On a computer/laptop:

  • Adjust video volume by hovering over the speaker icon, then moving the slider that appears to your preference.
  • Adjust computer volume by clicking on the speaker icon, located on the lower right of the screen on the toolbar, and adjusting the slider that appears. 

On a mobile phone/tablet:

  • Play the video, then adjust the volume using the buttons on your device (usually located on the sides of the device).


I can’t access the session I want

Make sure it’s been released – each new session will appear on the same day of the week, the day you first registered on this site.

If you can click on the session you want but it doesn’t appear or appears to be distorted or missing sections, get in touch with us at with details of the session and the device you are using.
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I took a break and now I have to restart the session instead of just starting back where I left off

This is part of the design of the programme, to allow people to redo sessions at a later date should they wish.
To prevent this, try to only take short breaks from the programme, leaving the page you are on open on your computer/phone/tablet.
It’s also perfectly fine to skip through any pages you are repeating, to get to the point where you left off.
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I’m getting more/less emails than I expected

When you first sign up to the programme, it triggers weekly emails to alert you to new sessions as they become available. These are timed in relation to the sign up date, so will only happen for the first 8 weeks after you sign up. Once all the sessions are available to you, even if you haven’t completed them, these emails will stop.

Each session can also trigger an email to you, to recap the session and any information you entered. These emails will only be sent when you enter your email on the first page of the session. If you’re repeating a session you can prevent extra emails from being sent by entering your name instead.
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User Guide


  • Sessions are named “Week 1, Week 2, Week 3” and so on. When you open the Sessions Page, the one made available most recently will be on the top of the list.
  • Click on the name of the session you wish to open.
  • At the start of every session you will be asked to enter your email address. This is so a recap of the session can be sent to you when you have completed it. If you do not wish to receive a recap email, you can enter any other text in this box.
  • Sessions have videos on most pages, and some include interactive exercises. You are encouraged to complete each session in one sitting, on the same day each week if possible.


  • At the bottom of the Sessions Page, there is an Exercises section. This has an Exercises link corresponding with each weekly session.
  • Each week’s link brings you directly to the mindfulness exercise used that week, to enable you to revisit the exercise.
  • For audio exercises, the Youtube video link is provided along with a download link to give you the option of saving the file to your device for offline use.
  • Clicking on the “Download Now” button will save an mp3 file of the exercise to your device, which can then be replayed on that device or saved onto another device (for example, a CD or mp3 player).